Commercial Roofing Contractor

We recommend getting your commercial roof inspected yearly. A good time to get an inspection is after the harshest weather in the winter months to see if any damage was done. Because you most likely never go on the roof of your building, damage to your roof is often overlooked.

Most people don’t realize there is a problem with their roof until it starts leaking. Getting your roof inspected will save you money in the long run. By catching the problems when they are small, you can repair them quickly and cost effectively before they are a huge problem. If you wait too long you may have to replace the whole roof sooner than you would like, or there could be a leak causing structural damage. Upon completion of your roof inspection, you will receive a written inspection report with photographs detailing the condition of your roof and repair or replacement solutions if needed.

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Commercial Roof Inspection

To maintain your roof and keep it strong as long as possible, we recommend a roof maintenance service in the spring and fall. We will clear any debris off of the roof. Our roof maintenance program will ensure that your roof is always taken care of when the problem is small. We will do a thorough inspection and keep a file with pictures and notes of how the roof has worn over the years.
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