Residential Re-Roofing & Roof Replacement

At this point you may know you need a new roof, but are trying to decide between re-roofing (installing a new layer of material over the existing one), or doing a complete replacement by tearing the old one off. In some cases you may be sure there is no damage underneath. However, if there is possibility of damage, you will want to consider a full roof replacement. Doing a full re-roof will ensure that any structure damage is caught. By tearing off the old roof, any damaged areas underneath will be discovered and repaired to prevent future, and more serious, damage.
Image of a roof
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Photo of shingle roof in need of replacing

Warning Signs you may need a new roof soon:

  • Your roof is getting close to 25 years old
  • Signs of weathering- curling (edges turn upward) or clawing (middle starts to rise)
  • Many shingles are cracked or missing from several areas of the roof
  • If your roof is sagging you need to call us immediately! This means there is most likely structural damage to the house.
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